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How 1LimX app encrypts a file

If you use the 1LimX app to secure your data, you'll be surprised by how easy it is to encrypt a file. Just select or drag a file to the Custom Data Encryption screen, choose the destination folder for the encrypted file, and relax while the process finishes. Curious about what happens behind the scenes? Let's find out in this article. All text and files are encrypted with the proven 256-bit ChaCha20-Poly1305 cipher using a 96-bit nonce (also known as "initialization vector", "IV" or "salt"). Google has chosen this as the new TLS cipher suite in Chrome.   (source:  here ) and you can learn how it’s used in 1LimX app with this doc by Apple : . Encrypting text Back to the 1LimX custom data encryption screen. Encrypting text is straightforward. Enter the desired text and immediately get the encrypted version  on the right: Input : the brown fox Encrypted output : 72A01wgxy4rxLeYy,qCLXD/m1